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Made exclusively from the best Yellowfin tunas, processed in  Northern Spain and selected with utmost care, our tuna fillets in  olive oil are yet another "Made in Balena" gourmet specialty.  Hand processed by craft methods to keep them tender and  delicious these tuna fillets are characterized by their distinctive  flavour and just the right amount of saltiness. Another distinctive feature of our tuna fillets is that we season our product for months at just the right temperature which is the only way to bring out their full flavour and exquisite taste. The extra-high quality olive oil we use is light and easy to digest,  not only does it not mask the flavour of the fish it enhances the  original taste. Our tuna fillets in olive oil are truly incomparable, they have all  the outstanding qualities that have always made "Balena"  products unique.
“BALENA” Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil
190/125 g 250/170 g