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The "rules of the craft" with all of the most subtle nuances are conveyed through a long learning period that  lasts for years, and this is what makes it possible to keep the banner of "Balena" quality as high as ever. Our  loyalty to the early quality choices has remained constant and absolute, indeed we have further perfected our  methods for selecting our raw materials.
The tradition continues
For over sixty years, the directors of Balena s.r.l. have been strengthening the company, expanding the domestic market and moving on to many markets abroad, while respecting traditions and the original working methods. Aside from the critical process phases that must be done entirely according to the old and original craft  methods, all the rest has been and continues to be constantly updated with modern technologies. We place  special emphasis on health controls conducting chemical and microbiological analyses of each batch from the  first step and through the product's shelf life.
Balena S.r.l.: a timeless guarantee
From the business standpoint, the attention the company devotes to all its clients - from the traditional  wholesale trade to supermarkets and chains - is legendary. "Balena" anchovy paste long acknowledged as the  market leader is readily available even in the smallest, outlying traditional stores, and in most supermarkets  and superstores. Today, Balena S.r.l. with its strong organization and well-diversified clientele is one of the most important speciality food industries in Italy. However, the spirit that drove Cesare Balena in his small workshop - a search for top quality, not on the whole, but in each and every tube - lives on, just as it was one hundred fifty years ago, with the love of this unique craft.