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The tube and the tricolour
Cesare Balena was nearly ninety years old and retired from the business, but he made sure that the people   who  were carrying on would maintain total respect for the already established production and quality. Over the  years, the production equipment became more modern and ingenious, and the tube was chosen as the ideal  container for the anchovy paste. Initially the tubes were made of tin, and only much later was the change made  to aluminium, and it was marked not only with the "Balena" logo, but also with the Italian tricolour, in homage  to the newly created Italian state (1861).  
The Italian tricolour, that has been on our tubes for over one hundred years, has been officially recognized as  one of the distinctive and inimitable symbols of "Balena" anchovy paste.  
The continuous innovations over the years were essential to the product's development during the ensuing  decades: we found new sources of supply which, while maintaining faith with the old rules, further improve the  original recipe.  
The product became increasingly popular, and "Balena" anchovy paste has an ever growing number of loyal  and devoted customers.