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The Brand
Years passed and Cesare Balena had become a respected businessman with an impressive  beard. It was nearly 1880 when the founder's name was used to create the logo which from  that moment on would be the "Balena" trademark. The family name, which means "whale" in  Italian, inspired the trademark: a spouting whale swimming on the surface of the sea struck by a zigzagging bolt of lightning. According to an oral tradition handed down for generations it  symbolizes the quality, which like a powerful electric discharge, gives the product its strength.
How Balena anchovy paste came to be
Some time around 1850, the young Cesare Balena learned the art of salting fish on the islands of the Tuscan  Archipelago. The islanders created a condiment by finely chopping salted anchovies and then pounding them  in a small mortar. This is how, Cesare Balena, the nineteenth-century gastronome-inventor got his start. This basic condiment, that has its roots in truly ancient traditions, led to the birth of a new product called  "anchovy paste", no longer a lumpy impasto, but rather a refined, smooth product without bones. Not a cream, but a "paste" in order not to lose the essence of the fine anchovies.