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Display rack for 8, 12 - cube packages 
Even though it lies beyond the field of fish processing,  this gastronomic specialty proudly wears our other  historic trademark, the leaping chamois. The reference is to the mountains and green meadows of Switzerland where, a long time ago, the founding  gastronome-partners of "Balena" developed this unique  formula that even today distinguishes this true delicacy. The outstanding feature of the "Camoscio" bouillon cube  recipe is that it contains 13% top quality meat extracts, a far higher percentage than found in competing products. This is what releases the true flavour of meat broth. The result is a perfect, balanced, hearty and yet delicate  flavour. Consumers who taste it can only confirm what  is written on the package: "Un brodo veramente  squisito" - a truly exquisite broth. For discriminating palates.
“CAMOSCIO” Bouillon Cubes