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65 gr. classic tube
120 gr. maxitube
90 gr. tube
“Balena” anchovy paste, always dressed in Italy’s tricolour is our company’s oldest product, one that has been  recognized as the undisputed market leader and considered an institution in the world of food gastronomic  specialities.
The two cornerstones of our business have remained unchanged for over seven generations: the special craft  processes that are now combined with the most modern packaging and quality control technologies, and the  use of the finest anchovies available on the market.
Only the finest quality raw materials can be used in the unique process developed by our founder, a process  that absolutely bars any type of added ingredients such as oil, preservatives, flavourings, etc.. "Balena" is, in  fact, pure anchovy paste, with the delicate flavour of anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea - the southern end of  the Bay of Biscay.
For over 140 years, "Balena" anchovy paste, has been synonymous with outstanding, no-compromise quality,  embodying the letter and the spirit of Made in Italy.
“BALENA” Anchovy Paste